Location Atelier
Via Maroncelli, 10
20154 Milan - Italy

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Fax +39 02-

Stefania Carrera’s showroom is located in an old part of Milan at Via Maroncelli, 10.
The welcoming open-space which, was designed by Stefania herself, reflects the creative emotion she’s dreamed of ever since she was an undergraduate student studying architecture. Her love for proportions, volumes and lines may also be widely noted in all her collections. This location, a loft of over 200 square meters, is hidden away off an internal courtyard with a garden and parking area available. The interior has been decorated using brushed steel structures, iron tables with maple and silver shelves. Light maple parquet meets stone and cement to form a pavement that beautifully contrast the huge wrought iron windows.
All the original 20th century structures, such as the granite columns and the large internal door, have been restored to their former glory. The space has been subdivided into fully functional areas consisting of a design studio, the accounting and sales departments, and a warehouse.
A space has also been reserved as the atelier where fittings and the actual tailoring take place for private customers and production of seasonal articles provides a swift service for retailers who need to restock. Importance is placed on offering a cordial and punctual service that is the fundamental characteristic of this company.